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Premium Quality Insulated Tiled Conservatory Roof Conversions and Installations from Coventry Roof Trim
Coventry Roof Trim can replace your tired and often leaking old glass or polycarbonate roof for a energy efficient fully insulated TAPCO tiled or EPDM rubber roof allowing you all year use of your conservatory without the extreme heat, cold and noise issues associated with glass and polycarbonate conservatory roofs.

Insulated Conservatory Tiled Roof Conversions
At Coventry Roof Trim our insulated conservatory warm roofs will transform your conservatory into an all year space for you and your family to enjoy, gone are the days of your conservatory being too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, wasting money on energy bills, also gone is the deafening noise that rainy days bring with the constant sound of rain pounding on your glass or polycarbonate roof, a fully insulated lightweight tiled conservatory roof professionally installed by Coventry Roof Trim skilled roofers will turn your conservatory into a far more energy efficient room, which eliminates temperature and noise issues as well as adding value to your home.

Our Conservatory Tiled Roof Service
 Remove out existing high u-value roofing glazing and dispose of all waste in an environmentally-friendly way
 Replace roof glazing with high performance roof structure with the benefit thermal insulation
 Existing windows and doors will be used minimising cost and inconvenience
 All new gutters and downpipes if required
 Option of plastered or timber ceilings
 Option of roof windows for added light and ventilation
 Rubber roofing or lightweight Tapco slate or tile roofing to compliment existing house roof tiles

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